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The Author

Her first sewing project was part of a school curriculum. Then exams,  university and work came along and became priority. Besides the occasional button-mending and seam repairs, she had never properly sewn anything again until 2016.

It was a hand-sewn baby pillow for her then unborn son. She soon found herself purchasing a mini sewing machine, which was later upgraded to a basic electric sewing machine, and then a computerised one.

The author works full-time. With a growing son in tow, there really isn't much time for sewing or blogging. But she tries to make the best out of every situation. Because doesn't everybody?

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The Website

Contemporary is universal, thanks to globalisation and the world wide web. Traditional, on the other hand, is cultural and regional.
Where the author resides, traditional styles vary greatly with a nod to the multi-cultural society of Malaysia . The author seeks local flavours when shopping for supplies and apply them in sewing projects, in hopes to achieve that balance of contemporary and traditional.

Although, local traditional fabrics can be tricky to use. Perhaps with the exception of cotton batiks, they are usually used to make specific and intricate pieces of traditional garments. The author therefore hopes to experience and experiment more with materials that have that traditional flavour and yet versatile, to find ways to incorporate them into simple projects, to turn them into contemporary pieces of quilts, garments, and decors.

The Sew, Jahit website shares the author's quilting and sewing journey. It features projects of varying complexities that use various fabrics and materials sourced locally and internationally. 
From projects to shopping adventures, to the things the author learned from and about the hobby, there really isn't a limit to what inspires the contents of this website. One thing's for sure - this website marks the beginning of the author's commitment to keep in touch with the hobby she loves.
Join the author in her journey. 

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